January 15, 2021

The Healthy Benefits of Sex

I was rather amazed and very pleasantly surprised to discover that there are actually healthy benefits of sex according to the very informative ‘Journal of the American Medical Association’.

Now, please do not misunderstand the onset to where this article is going. I am not suggesting you go out and ‘get healthy’ , but rather understand the amazingly healthy benefits of sex in the context for which this incredible gift to the human race was originally designed. This is the foundational understanding to all what will follow. It just makes sense and kinda blows you away at the same time. Having said that, I feel I can continue in a healthy manner.

Here are the top ten healthy benefits of sex, as discussed on ABC News on June 16, 2009:

All of these ten, again are fully supported in the trusted Journal of the American Medical Association (if you had any doubts):

The first is stress relief. Who doesn’t need that in the days we are living in! Goes without saying.

Anxiety and stress are at an all time high.

The second is an immunity boost which relates to better physical health. Ever heard of an little antibody called Immunglobulin A? Well these little guys get all released from somewhere during , you know what, and fight colds like crazy and at much higher levels.

Healthy benefits of sex, numero three is: the physical act of sex burns raw calories. Thirty Five minutes burns the equivalent of 85 calories. So go figure. Forty Two half hour sessions and 3,570 have gone up in smoke. That is more than enough to lose a pound of fat, by the way (‘Thought you might like that. )

Four: Cardio vascular health: kinda like aerobics, but without the stepper.

Five: Self Esteem. We get to feel good about ourselves and each other too. This is good for the immune system.

Then we have six, which is amazing. The healthy benefits of sex entertains this hormone called ‘oxytocin’ which is responsible for feelings of intimacy. Women have lots of it. Men have a little spike of it after orgasm, but that increases with use. It also increases the urge to nurture and bond.

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Moving right along -Seven reduces pain as endorphins (not dolphins) increase due to the last thing that happened. That’s like runner’s high when you can’t feel your Charlie Horse because of the dolphins .

Eight: Healthy benefits of Sex : reduces prostate cancer risk, and this sounds like good motivation to me!

Nine: Strengthens the pelvic floor muscles for your lady. And that’s real healthy. It makes you both want to get in shape.

And Ten: Helps you to sleep better. Again, oxytocin is responsible for this. Good sleep is really important because it is linked to a host of other good healthy things that can happen to you. For example, a healthy blood pressure or even maintaining a healthy body weight.

So there you have it . The healthy benefits of sex in context.

If you were not too amused or even slightly amused by the healthy benefits of sex , there is a little more information available for your health at [http://eatingoutdiet.com].

Remember: Knowledge empowers action (It helps you get it done).

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